Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with See Us Now Staffing, Inc.

October is a remarkable month at See Us Now Staffing, Inc. as we join the nation in celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month. This month-long celebration, which runs from September 15 to October 15, is a time to honor the countless contributions of over 60 million Hispanic Americans, Latinos, Latinas, and Latinx-identifying individuals to our culture and society. In this blog, we’ll not only explore the significance of this celebration but also highlight our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

The History of National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month has a rich history dating back to 1968 when President Lyndon B. Johnson first issued a proclamation to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Week. This week-long celebration was expanded to a month in 1988 to provide more time to recognize and appreciate the rich and diverse heritage of the Hispanic community. At See Us Now Staffing, Inc., we understand the importance of diversity in the workplace and actively promote inclusivity. We’re proud to be part of a nation that values the contributions of Hispanic Americans and the positive impact they have on our society. ​

Our Commitment to Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

​This year, See Us Now Staffing, Inc. had the honor of being recognized by Radio La Voz de Nevada – El Concilio Hispano Media Group for our sponsorship and support during The 2023 Hispanic Heritage Month. This recognition reflects our unwavering commitment to providing news and information to the Hispanic population. In the photo above, you can see Laura Nowlan, our President, receiving this prestigious acknowledgment.

Unlock Your Company’s Potential in 2023

As we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, it’s a great time to reflect on how diversity can enhance your business. At See Us Now Staffing, Inc., we believe that a diverse workforce leads to increased innovation, creativity, and success. We’re here to help you unlock your company’s potential in 2023 by connecting you with the diverse talent that can drive your business forward.

Whether you’re looking for skilled professionals, innovative thinkers, or leaders who bring fresh perspectives to your team, we have the talent you need. Our team is eager to discuss your staffing needs and provide customized solutions to help you thrive in the coming year. We understand that every business is unique, and we’ll tailor our services to your specific requirements.


Thank you for considering See Us Now Staffing, Inc. as your staffing partner. We’re not just a staffing company; we’re a partner in your growth and success. This National Hispanic Heritage Month, let’s celebrate diversity and inclusion together. Contact us today to explore how our diverse talent pool can drive your business to new heights in 2023. See Us Now Staffing, Inc. is ready to be your trusted partner on your journey to success.